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How Long Can The Food Packaged With A Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine Be Stored?

Feb. 15, 2022

In order to extend the shelf life of foods, most foods, except cooked and dried foods, are cooked, frozen and vacuum-packed, and some even have preservative additives added. However, although this method can extend the shelf life, the food can easily lose its natural flavor and taste. In the rapid development of food packaging technology today, the use of gas packaging machine to preserve food, can greatly extend the shelf life of food, lock the nutrients of food, retain its natural flavor.

The Food Packaged With A Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine


Modified atmosphere packaging has been developed for many years. At present, the technology has entered a mature stage. It is the best choice for every food manufacturer to maintain the taste of food. Modified atmosphere packaging can maintain food for about seven days. However, when consumers open the air-conditioning packaging, During the modified air packaging, the air environment will change, but consumers do not know how to distinguish the eating cycle of the modified atmosphere packaged food, so it is very likely that the modified atmosphere packaged food will be eaten by mistake.


1. Carbon dioxide in modified atmosphere packaging

Different methods can detect the edibility status of modified atmosphere packaging: by detecting the concentration of key carbon dioxide gas in the modified atmosphere packaging, the edibility limit of the modified atmosphere packaging can be judged. Therefore, the time temperature label is no longer based on time, and the environmental temperature change is an indicative parameter.


On the air conditioner packaging cover, the smart label is embedded in a layer of film. In an environment with carbon dioxide, the label is yellow, but the color is the same before opening the package, the carbon dioxide is released, the ambient gas changes, the label officially starts timing, and the indicator light Produce the corresponding color change.

Automatic Modified Atmosphere MAP Tray Sealer Vacuum Packing Machine


2. Eye-catching color change indication

Over time, the label changes color to indicate when to open the package. The marker is a fully automatic timer to monitor freshness. The labels are made of smart plastic so they can adjust their color according to the change of carbon dioxide in the package.


The labels visually indicate when unsealed food has been packed, encouraging consumers to consume it in its fresh state and helping to reduce risk and unnecessary food waste.