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How to Operate a Vacuum Packing Machine

Feb. 28, 2022

How to Operate a Vacuum Packing Machine

1st Step: Emptying

Location the Vacuum Food Sealer bag with the product inside the chamber. The open neck of the bag must be positioned over the sealing bar, leaving sufficient area for the seal of the chamber cover to surround the product. Close the lid. The vacuum pump attracts the air out of the chamber right into the pump, taking away the air from inside the product bag.

How to Operate a Vacuum Packing Machine


2nd Step (if required): Modified Environment Product Packaging.

Customized ambience is likewise frequently referred to as gas flushing. As soon as the regular air has actually been drawn out of the chamber and far from the item, the chamber and also product bag is full of changed ambience up until the pre-set stress amount is gotten to. Customized atmosphere is very preferred due to the fact that it enhances the life span of your product. In lots of instances it likewise boosts item discussion.


3rd Step: Sealing

The sealing membrane presses the sealing bars versus the counter stress bar. An electrical impulse warms the sealing cord. The sealable internal sides of the bag are sealed with each other and the bag is currently closed. If Customized Environment has been utilized, the changed environment would certainly be shut within the Vacuum Food Sealer bag as a result shielding the product.

Many vacuum packing makers permit you to control the moment of which the seal bars are functional. The time set will certainly quite rely on the material and density of the bag. When originally setting up the maker, the very best form of locating the optimal time for sealing is discovered by trial and error.


4th Step: Air Flow

The air pump releases and air flows back into the chamber. After the pressure between inside as well as outside the vacuum chamber equilibriums, the cover of the chamber after that opens. You are then free to discharge your product from the equipment.

Repeat up until wanted amount of product has actually been packed.