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What are the best commercial vacuum sealing bags for 2022?

Mar. 25, 2022

Whether you are a food producer, work in a commercial kitchen or are an avid home chef, vacuum packaging can be very useful. Using a vacuum packer reduces the amount of oxygen around it and limits the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi. This means that food can be stored for longer than is normally possible. They can also be used to improve portion control and create a waterproof barrier between the food and the water bath as a cooking method.

While the idea of vacuum-sealed bags may seem straightforward, we're actually seeing a lot of innovation in this area. Depending on what you are using the bag for, you can use different vacuum sealer bags.

When you are looking for commercial vacuum sealer bags, there are many aspects that you must consider before choosing the best bag for your needs. These include.

● They should be puncture resistant

● They should be durable

● You should consider the size of the vacuum sealing bags you need

● They must be compatible with your vacuum sealer

With that in mind, let's take a look at the best commercial vacuum sealing bags for 2022.

What are the best commercial vacuum sealing bags for 2022?


Vacuum seal bag thickness

The standard vacuum seal bag thickness is 3mm. this is related to the thickness of the plastic, but there are several different sizes available so you can choose as needed. For food, a 3 mm bag is usually sufficient. These bags are made of polyamide and are woven to help make the bags more durable.

There are also 4 mm Ziploc bags available, which should be used if you want to vacuum pack sharper items or foods containing bones. 5 mm bags can also be used for sharper, harder items such as knives or tools.


Channel vacuum bags

Vacuum bags with channels have an embossed surface to create channels that allow air to be sucked directly out of the bag. They are designed for use with cavity-free sealing machines. These channel vacuum bags are ideal for vacuum packaging food products, helping to avoid freeze burns and reduce dehydration losses.

Channel vacuum bags are ideal for packaging foods to help keep them fresh and preserve their flavor.


Black vacuum bags

Black vacuum bags offer the same benefits as regular vacuum bags with the added feature of blocking light. This is very beneficial for certain food types as it can further delay food degradation. Black vacuum bags are particularly suitable for food products such as cheese and dairy products such as butter.

Black vacuum bags can be very effective in helping to maintain the quality, taste and odor of the food in which they are packaged. They are made of LLDPE and nylon and are ideal for maintaining a long-term vacuum.


Black back vacuum bags

Black back vacuum bags are similar to black bags, except that one side is black and the other side is clear. These bags are great for storing meat, blocking out a certain amount of light and also allowing you to see what's inside.


Zipper vacuum bags

In addition to the vacuum bags mentioned above, there are also clear zipper bags. These bags have a zipper on one side that allows you to insert food into the bag, open it again and reseal it. They are still used with vacuum packers and can be used to seal a range of different foods, including dehydrated fruit, meat and fish, as well as sterilized medical supplies. Zipper vacuum bags are perfect for those who want quick and easy access to stored food.


Notched vacuum bags

Notched vacuum bags consist of a bag with a notch on one side of the bag for easy opening. This is perfect for food producers who intend to sell their products in the bag, allowing customers to easily access the bag without scissors or a knife.

If you are handling food products, choosing the right vacuum seal bag is essential. Whether you want to store ingredients in a commercial kitchen, put food in a water bath for vacuum low-temperature cooking, or package your food to deliver to customers, making sure you have a good vacuum packaging machine and the right bag is essential to ensure it stays the same it is quality.