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Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Product Description

Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

If you want a small automatic food vacuum packaging machine, welcome to contact us. We can guarantee the quality and efficiency of our machine, as well as its cheap price, automatic and easy to operate.

Double Chamber vacuum packing machine is composed of two working rooms. It can be seperately set parameters according to the different conditions of products, which provide more efficient packing service for different products. 


Two vacuum chambers alternately work double chamber vacuum packaging machine, packaging sealing preparations are connected end to end, greatly improving the packing efficiency, the machine under the studio is all made of stainless steel with reasonable structure. The advantages of the  double chamber vacuum packaging machine are air tightness good, anti-corrosion, nice-looking and durable, and in line with the requirements of food hygiene standard.

Application of the automatic vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packaging machine is suitable for all kinds of materials, rice, vegetables, fruits, soybeans, meat and other things that need to be fresh.This kind of effect is good, not easy to rot. It keeps fresh.The machine is simple and easy to operate.

This series of vacuum packaging machine with a vacuum seal and fill gas in one function, for different packaging materials and packaging requirements, with the degree of vacuum, heat sealing temperature, sealing time adjustment device, user-friendly best selection and adjustment optimal packaging. 

How Does Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine work?


Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Details of Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Stainless Steel Bearing of Double Chamber Vacuum Packing MachineThick Steel SpringPower Cord of Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Sealing RingTransformerPump of Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

All of these details make our Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine a success for packing food related products. With the strict control of machine quality and operation safety, Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine will definitely meet your requirements. Welcome to contact us for more details you want.


Parameter of Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

2Vacuum Chamber Size766*625*100mm
3Sealing Size600*10(8)mm
4Number of Heat Seals2X2
5Distance Between Two Sealing Strips505mm
6Minimum Absolute Pressure≤200pa

* Custom service is provided in Guangyuan Packing. Welcome to feel free to contact us for futher information!