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Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine

Product Description

Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

Fully automatic vacuum rotary packaging machine is equipped with fully automatic production line, which can realize intelligent and automatic production for you and save labor cost. If you want to get fully automatic production plan, please contact me immediately, we can provide customized service for you.

The whole set of equipment consists of 10-head weighing pan, 8-station automatic sachet packaging machine, support frame platform and so on. The packaging machine will complete a series of functions such as feeding packaging materials, weighing and filling, bagging, opening, vacuuming, sealing, date coding, etc. All parts are made of SUS304 material which meets the food safety standard. Its working principle is automatic combination of weighing, filling, vacuuming and sealing with high weighing precision and fast packing speed. The machine is suitable for packing food, vegetables, fruits, potato chips, fried snacks, popcorn, frozen food and so on. It is suitable for all types of pre-made bags: zipper bags, flat bags, folded bags, etc. The packaging machine can quickly and efficiently complete a series of packaging processes such as feeding, weighing and filling, bag discharging, bag opening, vacuuming, sealing, date coding and so on.


[1] Control System: SIEMENS PLC; Schneider and OMRON electric appliance; SMC electromagnetic pneumatic system.

[2] Pneumatic Speed Compensation System(QSC)

[3] Gear and CAM drive

[4] Self-locking structure of mechanical claw

[5] Flexible mechanical drive system.

[6] Split-type body

[7] Automatic detection function

[8] Empty bag recovery system 

[9] Vacuum part of the original full track

[10] The unique installation method of separate floating heating strip and the original intelligent temperature control system 

[11]Water rinsing: except for the electric cabinet and upper bag box, other surface parts can be rinsed with water, time-saving and effort-saving in cleaning. 

How to Use the Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Rotary Packing Machine

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Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine


Work station
Bag material
Composite film, PE film, PP, aluminum foil, etc
Bag size
W:100-230mm L:120-320mm
15-60 pouches/min(The speed depends on the product status and flling weight)
380V,50HZ ( Acording your requirements)
Air compressor
0.5m3/min(supply by consumer)

* Custom service is provided in Guangyuan Packing. Welcome to feel free to contact us for futher information!